1. Cindy Cheatham Pietkiewicz

    Yes Marcia,well said and thanks for bravely telling your story to help others. We are a country of increasing individualism and one that feins that it cares about those who are different but our busy lives and pursuit of an ever increasing global competition, has us increasingly divided by not only race, but increasingly by economics. The American dream is at risk and many of our parents and their parents would not have moved forward in today’s economy. Robert Putnam, a renowned Harvard psychologist says we are now “Bowling Alone.” And we do not have a perspective that says that they are “Our Kids” so we do not invest in early interventions, healthcare, adult literacy, quality child care and so much more that is needed.

  2. Rebecca MacNair-Semands

    Amazing. Marcia, Amen!

  3. Ann Williams

    Thanks Thanks Thanks. Strong words and to the point. But shared with personal experience and God’s love.
    Miss you my friend! Ann Williams


  4. Thank you Marcia – I am British so just watching with horror what is happening in your country. I have been aware that, compared to many of my friends, I am much more concerned about the “crazyfied” reality of your new president than they are but today reading your blog I understood why I feel this horror. My mother was just like Donald Trump and I grew up in house where reality was just what worked for her that day and woe betide anyone who challenged her.

    You and your country are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Sadly I believe what is emerging, not only in the USA, but here in the UK and Europe is the very dark shadow of capitalism and it’s child -individualism.

    To overcome this will indeed need people to connect and come together in a way that is needing a very different perspective where love and compassion, working collaboratively are valued more highly than status, possessions and individual achievement. This is a tall order. However I recall what Gandhi said that we need to be the change that we seek.


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