1. Anne Driscoll

    Thank you, Marcia, for a thought-provoking and faith-building message. I am so sorry for the disappointments you & your family have faced in the football world. Your comments @ UNC football have helped me understand the back story that hasn’t been in the ACC media coverage. II hope the New Year brings fulfillment and new horizons for you. Anne, a Wahoo for life & a lifelong believer & Presbyterian (FPC Richmond)

    1. Marcia

      Dear Anne,
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your good wishes. As I mentioned in the sermon, some of what emerges from the wilderness is the renewed awareness that things working out for my family and me is not what Christ’s redemption is all about. I know that somehow someway all will be well. And I pray that my family and I continue to do our part to encourage communities and cultures like UNC’s to cultivate more just and inclusive ways to dealing with challenges that come their way.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting. I pray all is well with you.


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