1. Marilyn

    WOW Marcia Mount Shoop!!! You have given me goose bumps this Monday Morning!!!!!! It is a comfort that where every you go I will be able to read your blogs!!!!

    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Marilyn. I appreciate your affirmations!

  2. Jon Heckerman

    Right on, Marcia!

    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Jon. Glad to have your comment!

  3. Beverly

    I have been ruminating on all this too, thinking about how to use this now, in our cuurent places to be part of the change. Excellent, Marsha!!

    1. Marcia

      Thank you for your comment, Beverly. I know these are issues dear to your heart. Maybe you can be a guest blogger in the series?!

  4. Toni

    Thanks Marcia. It is sad to think that this kind of evil can penetrate what we often consider a safe place for our children. Although I do not have children, there are young children in my family and I want them to have safe places to pursue sports. While we cannot put them in a bubble, hopefully we can help them recognize evil and to not be afraid to speak up. Thanks Marcia.

    1. Marcia

      Yes, Toni, what a heartbreak for the parents who trusted their children with people revered in the community. It makes what happened an even more destructive betrayal. So much is lost.

  5. Heather

    Marcia, thank you so much for this blog and specifically these words. I felt my whole body reacting to the suffering of these countless children and the horrific acts of “destruction” committed against them… each one representing a death really. It is hard to think that more “death” is needed, but you point to many things that need to die so that God can do a new thing. I let that be my prayer. Thank you again!

    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Heather, for your comments. Yes, it is hard to hear, hard to take in all the pain and the violence of it all. Your grief is an important acknowledgment of how sexual violence shatters lives. We all need to keep praying and grieving.

  6. Terry

    Well done, Marcia – it takes a special kind of person to stand up to unchecked power and abuse. I hope that we will see more of them … and soon. Interesting that “J. Edgar” premiered at the theaters this past weekend.

    1. Marcia

      Yes, Terry. Leadership matters! I am praying that this is a call out to leaders who are not afraid to get involved and really care about people. The skills needed for strong leadership today are different than they use to be, but they still involve true care for others and courage.

  7. Mindy Adams

    Preach it!

    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Mindy, from one preacher to another!

    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Susan.

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