1. Marcia, you’re a parent who teaches Christ’s empathy. All of us, kids or adults, want to navel gaze. Narcissistic worry is a tempting past-time. Looking up and out and around is the only way to go if we say we want to live as Jesus did. Thank you!



  2. Marcia – the Holy Spirit sent me to your site this morn. I was not even looking for it and here I am! I have been in the same boat re: gratitude with my children of late. I so needed to read this post. I am grateful your message was here for me to read and could articulate for me my exact feelings. So glad to know you are here in this space and I will return often. Can’t wait to read your new book too. We need to catch up soon! love and peace, kate

  3. Andrea

    Marcia…thank you for your transparency and for being willing to share your experiences as a mother who sees the big picture…who strives to raise up her children in a way that is meaningful and bold and goes against the grain sometimes…they are blessed to call you mom…and I’m grateful for teachable moments like these that I can put in my back pocket for the future!!!

  4. Jane Orth

    You are a wise and poetic mother. Keep it up.


  5. Marcia,
    I’m not one to say “the Holy Spirit” lightly, though maybe I should! But the Holy Spirit, I swear, sent me this page tonight, late. I was so engaged with this entry about parenting. . .my daughter is grown up, now, but I still appreciate the reassurance this entry gave me. thank you!


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