1. Breath and prayer as a way to wait–that makes the moment more than bearable. If all we have is the moment, and most moments are about waiting, then we must learn to love that waiting and rest in it, just as you say. Thank you for this epiphany, Marcia. Jesus is counterculture–the ultimate challenge to our task-driven, product-oriented lifestyles whispering, “What’d you do today? What’d you accomplish?” Thank you!


  2. Rebecca Hodges

    These are the comments of someone weary in their journey and who has been disappointed, in other words someone who has experienced God in their life in an ongoing way. These are the comments of a real Christian. We realize we can’t make God preform the magic we request, we can’t do the right rituals, say the right prayers in the right order at the right time,God provides in his time. This is a difficult lesson to learn and one I’m still working on. I join you in hopeful waiting for joy and more this Easter


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