1. Janet Beatty

    Shades of gray
    Silent, unknown mist
    Lay between the black and white
    Like shadows of the moon

    Shades of understanding
    the fear of asking why
    Hazy misconceptions
    Patterns out of tune

    Shades of loving
    In multicolored hues
    Fragile radiation
    Touch from God above

    Shades of we-ness
    Stumbling in the dark
    Sunrise of God’s knowledge
    Dawning of God’s love

    1. Marcia

      This is a beautiful poem, Janet. I love the “dawning of God’s love” image. I think of it in the morning lately!

  2. Marie-Claude Provencher

    Listen rather than talk
    Understand rather than fix
    Take it in instead of judging

    That’s how I view being a white ally

    Thank you for this Marcia, still miss you!

  3. Jan

    I recall my father’s reply when I was about 7 years old and had asked him about the color of sin. Being so naive and impressionable at that young age, it was important to me to be without sin, in a state of “white,” so to speak.

    He said, “The world is made up of white, which is purity, where there is no sin. Here things feel fresh and clean and full of God’s love. Not many people can remain here long because we are sinful people. The world is also made up of black where it is the darkest black. You do not want to go here because God is not present here – you will never see God’s face here. But, mostly, the world is gray – a mixture of black and white, where sin invades purity, where choices must be made, where nothing is entirely certain. This is where you and God will meet every day.”

    Thank you for bringing a memory back to mind. He died when I was sixteen. And thank you for being so open to God’s perfect wisdom!

  4. Mary

    My brother constantly accuses me of “straddling” the fence-post (aka “living in the gray”) on the really important issues faith issues. I like to hope that I’m “standing” on the fence-post and taking time to see not only what’s up close but also what’s on the horizon – only then can I open myself to allowing God to lead.

  5. John DeBevoise

    This is a helpful response Marica, as it illustrates in the response an effort to do the very thing you are calling the body toward. I think that is called integrity: your deed matching your word. A wonderful example. John

  6. Magdalena Garcia

    Thanks for your insightful response. Keep writing! Blessings.


  7. Who are you? I have to read al your works now! I googled “Jesus is not afraid of the dark,” and you were the only result. The only one? This makes me so sad. This is my path – my calling. I am becoming an expert at navigating the unknown – I have met people along the way – influential people who would never have encountered a “Christian” who I have had opportunities to witness to. I am literally called to walk on that much faith – through business words – to reach people the church will never reach. I also came from a desperate search for truth before the Lord found me – I studied, experienced, and attempted to unite nearly every world religion, only I came to find in the end that ONLY Jesus is truth, but now, I have the languages of them all. People listen when I say that I have spent years studying and have found the truth in Christ alone. I was also very “spiritual” and new-agey, but I look at the Motley Crew the Lord surrounds me with – still many in the New Age, but with INCREDIBLE faith in the good of the world, and I think to myself all the time: these people who are right on the edge of a relationship with Christ – who already have that much faith, how much more will withy have when they are filled with the Holy Spirit. I pray more of us find the audacious faith within ourselves to leap out into the unknown to touch people who are very hurt, very wounded, and very separated from God. May He use us as a searchlight to find them.


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