1. Mary Norris Oglesby

    This is wonderful, Marcia. Thank you. It is so amazing to think of what Mary was confronted with all of a sudden, and I love the way she questioned “How can this be?” But wow then her surrender and acceptance–you really brought this home to me and how courageous and full of power she was.


  2. Marcia, I love these thoughts about surrender. Mary is powerful; she had a will, she had choice, and she gave herself to God while magnifying him. As Caryll Houselander says in The Reed of God, “..it is Our Lady–and no other saint–whom we can really imitate…She is not only human; she is humanity. The one thing she did and does is the one thing that we all have to do, namely, to bear Christ into the world.” What is our daily labor for Christ? Do we magnify the Lord this willingly while humbling ourselves for others? That is true power, to give up pride; to live in the “I don’t know”; to sacrifice body and time; to say, “Not my will, but Thine.”

  3. Carolyn Clapp Behrendt

    Hello, Marcia, from your old babysitter! Thanks for your comments and have a blessed Advent—


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