1. Janet, thank you for this beautiful vision. A true Christmas tree is one built from mementos and treasured emblems like these, little survivors of the years. This makes me think how we must make every moment ours and not bend to fashion, pressure, whims of the day to be something other than ourselves. Thank you!

    And Marcia, as always, your blog is a gift!


  2. Alicia Van Riggs

    Hi Janet,

    thank you for sharing so honestly and tenderly. it touched my heart.

    were these wooden ornaments the same ones my mom made in her first year of marriage (1968?), when my folks were too poor for a tree so they found a dead branch on the streets of Seattle, painted it white, and hung wooden paint-by-number ornaments… My mom parted with two for my tree (the camel and the dove) and I look forward to returning home to her tree in a few weeks to see the Bethlehem, the choirister, etc.



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