1. Marcia, a few months before the election, a church near us posted on its billboard, JESUS IS FOR CHANGE. I thought a long time about this statement. Did the church mean, Jesus is for a new administration, or even, Throw the bums out? I had never thought of Jesus as pro or anti-incumbent. Now the church has since posted, JESUS CHANGES HEARTS, and, JESUS TRANSFORMS. I’m going to trust that the message had little to do with human politics and much more to do with human hearts.

    These other messages I can get with. These messages say exactly what you are saying: that any structure and system based on privilege, that allows poverty, MUST be questioned. Jesus was a radical, a Socratic questioner, a rebel, a mirror to the status quo of religiosity. Religiosity says, Christianity is a country club for some members only–of various backgrounds, politics, economic status, etc. Religiosity says, There is one way to look, act, speak, so don’t be coming around here looking, talking, smelling, any other way.

    Doesn’t it all come down to fear? So much of our daily lives, we act out of fear rather than faith, worry rather than courage. This beautiful message you share reminds me to trust more, give more, try harder to be a better human who belongs to one race without false separations.

  2. arw

    hi Marcia. I like what you have to say here. I wanted to share an additional thought — and/or experience. I am mostly feminist, and wrote something awhile back which was about being a WHITE woman…. how I can never, ever, go to a hungry nation and actually go hungry… I can never, ever, in any place of the globe, go to be WITH the people, and not , still, be treated differently. In fact, I could almost never BE in the situations of so many women of all other colors in the world — w white woman in a camp with flys on her face and all over her child and unable to feed? won’t happen. because of pride? unconscious need to put SOMEONE on top? unsure — but it’s a fact. I’ve taken to trying to understand and educate about aspects of other colored women’s culture which we white women do NOT have — and trying to share those.
    A truly interesting thing about this letter, though. The last and final point I made was that I was, at least, not AS idolized and priveleged as white males. This is a truth. White women are still lower on certain rungs/measures than white males: financial; authority; overall equality; abuse versus power…. etc. Well — lo and behold — THIS is the point which drew some very harsh reactions and really unkind language and mis understandings of various type. Women of other colors wrote back and opened discussion and added insights and challenged a few things but in supportive ways. A number of white males, however, reacted with near-hatred – focused solely on the male/female sentence, not on any of the article about race.

    I’m sharing this in response to your comments about fear of discussing whtieness as a major block to community and more community building and bonding. I agree — and also believe that these discussions will need to include the differences of whiteness for female and male — in society, in churches, in relationship to others, everywhere.

    Women — the definition and place of woman — is changing globally, and it seems to me that it is other-colored women who are leading the way, in grassroots activities. There are some large white women groups — who look basically like a group of white men — having wealthy conferences and talks, in wealthy places, for the wealthy, with lots of media and means of global communication. White women can learn – must learn IMO – from the ways in which other-colored women are making change happen in small communities around the world. This too must be part of the race discussions towards beloved communities.

    I hope it is ok to write here to you.
    I truly hope you are well and thriving.

    Ani Rose

  3. Patty Ayers

    Test 01 – This is only a test from Patty – please ignore! 🙂


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