1. Susan Steinberg

    Thank you, Marcia! A beautiful and insightful corrective, as always. Peace, Susan

  2. Gordon N Mitchell


    I agree with what you said. I have been doing my book version of Yoga for sometime, mainly for physical fitness reasons. I also find a peace and relaxation and a well being for the day, some days more than others. If I find peace there as well, that is a great bonus, and if God also comes in He is welcome. I can not understand any negative aspects to Yoga, unless those defects already exist in the practicioner.

    Perhaps a more acceptable version for Mohler would be that yoga is a path for the body to obtain the relaxation and peace that can lead to the peace of mind (?peace of Christ) that can become a”vehicle for reaching consciousness with the divine”.



  3. Thank you for your eloquent words. I am a yoga teacher and a Christian. As I lead my church yoga class, I draw on the biblical images of breath — God’s breath breathing us into creation in Genesis. Christ breathing on the disciples as they received the Holy Spirit. As we learn to fully inhabit our bodies, breath by breath, we become more and more aware of our body as a temple housing God’s spirit. As we learn to release chronic holding of tension in the body, we learn how to receive the life-giving breath of God. When we learn to breath in a yoga practice a sense of peace or stillness in the mind leads to the depths of Divine Presence. Yoga practice has helped me experience my faith more fully — to open my whole being to God. I have just started reading your book!!!


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