1. Lyn Fairchild Hawks

    Marcia, these are inspirational words. I haven’t thought till you wrote about this how much we are not owners of our own bodies during this time. We have let culture tell us how to think about a natural, needed stage in our growth. Joy and wisdom is ours if we accept rather than fight these moments in our lives.


    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Lyn. You are right–thinking of our bodies as intimately connected to all that is is not how we are formed in American culture. And it diminishes how we are able to hear and live out of our body’s wisdom in times of intense embodied experience. I like your invitation to accept. Maybe then we can use our energy to listen.

  2. Alicia

    Be still and know that God is God

    Be still and know God

    Be still and Know

    Be still


    I recited this mantra to myself today as I began today’s acupuncture appointment. It was a long and busy day at work and I knew my pulse was racing and my body was not yet ready to receive the healing treatment. (I have seen an acupuncturist for the last 13 months for infertility. I read this post previously and it affected me deeply; I was so grateful for this new language to describe PMS. Eastern medicine also uses some of the same metaphors.)

    As the needles went in their “usual places” – face, tummy, lower legs, thumb, etc. – I could feel myself calming down. In previous sessions I have experienced the physical sensation of qi, and again today, I felt it gather in my womb, pulsing outward toward the rest of my body. Then I could feel qi shifting, and I felt it aligned along one side of my body. I felt like a sponge, when the dried-up edge is exposed to water, slowly expanding while the other side stayed its smaller size. Though I had not moved at all, my spine felt curved into the half-moon yoga pose. In about four or five breaths, I felt the qi move to the other side, and the sponge sensation switched accordingly.

    After two or three full repetitions of qi flowing from the yin side to the yang side of my body, I noticed it felt like I was gently held by waves. I was experiencing being inside the body of God – the womb of God – and the qi that is in my body is the same qi in all of us and in God. It’s like I was experiencing being the incense offered to to God and simultaneously experiencing inhaling deeply in that sweet incense. At that moment the most intense and physical surge of love washed over me. I started to cry. I have never before felt so loved, so received, and so open to God’s healing touch. It has always been there, lapping at the shores inside my body, patiently keeping time in the cycles of life. Today I was still enough to feel it. I feel like Simeon.

    1. Marcia

      Thank you, Alicia, for this beautiful story your body tells. I am thankful to think abou the flowing qi and the waves of God’s love.


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