1. John

    Thank you for these words. Reconciliation does provide a new kind of hope. I pray that I can overcome afflictions in life with God’s helping hand and delight in all that living has to offer. Encouraging words. I am grateful to have read this post.

    1. Alicia Van riggs

      Kenzaburo Oe, who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1994, wrote this in NY Times Op-Ed on Aug 5:

      As for me, on the day last week when I learned about the revival of the nuclear-umbrella ideology [in current Japanese political leadership], I looked at myself sitting alone in my study in the dead of night . . . . . . and what I saw was an aged, powerless human being, motionless under the weight of this great outrage, just feeling the peculiarly concentrated tension, as if doing so (while doing nothing) were an art form in itself.


      I think the “doing nothing” Oe speaks of is not inaction [which of course is shunned as a Big Sin for most WASPY protestant culture] but instead a deeper cry of anguish silenced before it ever departs from the lips.

      Like the little owl.

      It takes great courage to not cover up the silenced cry, or explain it away, but instead to live authentically in our fractured and often very lonely lives, with those cries stuck in our throats, taking seriously the contours and dimensions of life’s experiences as they silt their way down to become the bedrock on which we stand to learn how to sing the cries into being.


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